Saturday, 10 November 2012


 See below for my tips to help you find the perfect bikini for your body shape.

Petite like Eva Longoria

If you are petite like Eva; bright and colourful prints will get your tiny frame noticed.
Go for string bikinis to highlight your curves and elongate your body.

Busty like Salma Hayek

If you are big butsed like Selma you should ensure to have supportive bikini straps and underwire.
Halterneck bikini tops will be flattering for your curves.

Curvey like Kim Kardashian

If you are curvey like Kim block colours will work great to flatter and make the most of your curves.
Halterneck tops and full or high bikini briefs will be more flattering for your frame.

Pear shaped like Leighton Meester

If you have a pear shaped frame like Leighton then you should be opting for block colours,
large prints and patterns. For the best look possible try dark briefs with a lighter bikini top to draw attention away from the bottom half of your body


Athletic like Kate Hudson

If you have an althletic frame like Kate you should opt for bold prints and colours for that extra feminine touch.
Triangle bikini tops with low cut briefs will create a more curvey look.

Small Busted like Kristen Bell

If you are small busted like Kristen; boost your assets with patterns, colours, padding, frills and ruffles.
For the best look you should be opting for a triangle bikini top. 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Shadey Lady

This season's favourite trend - SUNNIES!!!






Kelly Osbourne Sunglasses



Love of the Month - November

Patterned Pants

nocturnal/balm blue
French Connection
Cascade Printed Pant

China Medallion Trousers

General Pants Co.
Love Cats Leopard Pants

Mya Rose Print  Trousers
Mya Rose Print Trousers

Princess Polly
Lovin Fun

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Styling by Stephanie

Do you need help picking out clothes?
Do you struggle to mix and match the correct items in your outfit?
Is your wardrobe over flowing and needs an overhaul, or do you have minimal choice?
Would you like help with knowledge of how to dress for your skin tone and shape?

If the answer is YES to any of the above questions, please email for more information on how I can help you....

See below for an example of body shpae Analysis (basic example only)

Client description
Dark features, hazel/green eyes, dark hair and a golden undertone of the skin.
Client’s wanted look
You like to look alternative yet classy. Bohemian style is usually opted for but when looking through your wardrobe I can see that the style pieces are very varied, no real theme, only pieces that you have once liked and maybe moved on from very quickly. We will look at using these pieces to create a great look for you once again.
 Body shape Analysis
We had discussed the different types of body shapes and after comparing your shape with other body types we were certain that you have an hour glass figure.
Hourglass: Your bust and hip measurement will be the largest, and your waist measurement will be quite small. An “hourglass” will normally have a large bust, small waist, short waist, big hips and generous thighs.
With having an hourglass figure; your curvy shape will benefit from showing off your best assets and creating balance. Your style goal is to flatter your form without adding any unwanted bulk.
Tips for the types of clothing an hourglass should opt for:
·         Wrap-around tops, dresses and garment with a cinched waist are great for you as they emphasise your naturally thin waist.
·         Ensure that all belts and sashes around the waist are narrow, as your hourglass body will be overwhelmed by a wide belt.
·          You will find items that come to a “V” are the most flattering neckline for you.
·         Sleeves will add a little more shape across your shoulders.
·         A deep V-neck fitted cardigan should be the cornerstone of every hourglass wardrobe.
·         You should only wear mid-sized prints, as anything larger will overwhelm your hourglass shape.
·         Look for a t-shirts that fit your waist, have a wide open neckline and have something to divert the eye to your shoulders - such as a puffed sleeves.
·         Pocket flaps on the hips will emphasis your waist.
·         A two button, deep V-neck jacket will give support to your bust, and help to elongate your waist.
·         Three-quarter sleeves to show off your elegant wrists and work to suggest a more delicate frame.
·         Skirts are a great way for you to flatter your form. Pencil skirts, knee length, straight skirts and high waisted skirts are all good options.
It’s great to be an hourglass because you have killer curves. Show them off with dresses and skirts which embrace femininity and seduction.

The types of clothing an hourglass should avoid:
As an hourglass you should avoid ruffles, bows, and lots of detail, especially around the chest area. Stay away from anything with excess fabric that will add bulk to your chest and hips.


This season think about decorating your digits with creative and colourful nail art....fabuloso

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Love of the Month - October

3D Florals

3D Floral Swing Cami Top
Price: £22.00

Full Skirt with 3D Flower
Price: $76.30

Agatha Mesh Floral Beaded Crop Top
Agatha Mesh Floral Beaded Crop Top
Price: $32.00
River Island
 Limited Edition Structured Dress
With 3d Flowers
Price: $135.64

Markus Lupfer
 Dress with 3D Floral Collar Detail
Price: $364.53


Check out below for my tips on The Spring/Summer trends of 2012 and what to Buy and what to Bin...

Pleats (Bin it )

Pleats made a come bak  in 2011, and now it's time
for a break from this trend.

Pencil Skirts (Buy it)

Tight and sheek, team this trend with a sexy stiletto for both evening and day wear.

Folk (bin it)

Folk was the suprise trend of summer 2011, from feathers to tribal to fringed boots. It's now time to move on.

Combined Pastels (Buy it)

Pastels are the look of Spring/Summer 2012, and should be worn layered in a variety different shades.

Grey (Bin it)

Spring/Summer 2012 is all about embrassing colour.

Neons (Buy it)

Bright pink, aqua, lime and yellow are all a trends of 2012, team this with camel accessories for a great look of the moment.


50's Style (Bin it)

50's style made a come back, but now it's time to move on.

20's Style (Buy it)

20's style  is the glamourous look of 2012. Think beads, sequins and cocktail attire.

Silver (Bin it)

Silver and metalics were the colours of 2012, this year is more about warm tones.

Gold (Buy it)

Strikingly bright golds are making a come back.

Suspenders (Bin it)

Its time to show off them pins in a sweeter way.

Ankle Socks (Buy it)

Team your ankle socks with a mini skirt and heels for this years official spring/summer look.

Feathered Headpieces (Bin it)

It's time to out away the feathered headpieces! This means you; boho festival lovers.

Oversized Hats (Buy it)

From 70s floppy hats to oversized trilbys, this look is a must have...


Full Skirts Early 60's Dresses (Bin it)

The full early 60's style skirts maybe gone for this season, but are sure to make a come back.

Ladies Tailored Two-piece (Buy it)

Loving the stylish two-pieces out there this season.